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    New Dance Term

    👋 Hello Funk Format family, we are super excited to see you in person for our new dance term starting this September! 🥳

    To keep all of you safe, we are working with our venue partners and complying with the COVID-19 safety requirements. We compiled COVID-19 Dance Guidance. Please study the following guidance below:

    • As well as our own risk assessment, all venues have their risk assessment for hirers.
    • Funk Format and all venues are adhering to strict cleaning and hygiene standards as well as additional measures.
    • Where we need to, we will cap the number of class attendees to ensure everyone’s safety. 
    • New participants attendance will be strictly by advanced booking. Subject to availability.

    DO NOT attend sessions if:

    You or your family member have any symptoms of COVID-19.

    You are self-isolating following recent international travel.

    Seek advice from the NHS or

    Guidance for all members:

    • DO NOT arrive earlier than necessary for your class. You will not be able to enter the venue until the previous attendees left the room.
    • Please arrive dressed in the correct clothing for the session. Changing facilities are not available at the venues.
    • Please bring clean footwear for indoor activities involving floor work.
    • Please wait outside the venue at a designated meeting point. Your instructor or an assistant will meet you and take you to the studio.
    • You will be given a spot for your personal belongings. Please keep them? separate from other participants.
    • As much as we all love to greet each other via physical contact, there will be no touching, hugging or high-fiving.?
    • There will be no waiting area by the studio doors.
    • Make sure that you bring your own drink as there are no drinking water facilities at the venue. Place your water bottle near your marked spot on the studio floor during the class.
    • Face masks are not compulsory in dance classes, but you may wear them if you prefer.
    • Please carry your own hand sanitising gel.
    • Doors and windows will be open to allow ventilation. Doors that need to be opened will be done so by the teaching assistant only.
    • During sessions, remain in your marked spot until session finishes.
    • Class Instructors will be 2m from the front of the class.

    Guidance for Children’s sessions:

    • Parents will need to drop off and wait for their children at the main entrance or in the car.
    • Participants must bring clean footwear for indoor activities.
    • Participants must not touch the personal belongings of others.

    Each venue site is different in terms of the location, access and size of the class space we use. The above is general guidance, but there may be additional requirements at your particular class venue. Please pay close attention to any instructions you receive at your class.