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    Funk Format



    Funk Format Trust

    Authentic Street Dance and Intelligent Movement

    Funk Format Trust is a community dance social enterprise with a mission to create a positive, creative,  healthy and safe environment for all people. Street Dance can achieve this through encouraging unity and collaboration while strengthening social skills.
    Founded in November 2014 by Sasha Biloshisky, Funk Format Trust works with young people and adults locally as well as within disadvantaged communities. Funk Format Trust engages, challenges and develops its participants through dance. Our workshops and demonstrations look to inspire people to become more confident, independent and 
    creative in expressing themselves through urban dance and other forms of physical movement, within a safe and empowering environment.

    If you wish to learn about our full objectives and impact, please contact us using the details below.


    Recent Projects

    Trust’s recent projects and events.


    All fund received are 100% spent on empowering young people to take part in an inspiring activity.
    Click Here to see how easy it is to donate to out Trust fund.


    Support and Contact:

    You can support us on our community inspiring mission whether it is partnering with us, researching and measuring an impact, volunteering, donating a valuable resource such as time, space or a studio, please visit Opportunities for current roles or get in touch.

    For those who work or live in a socially deprived community or an area with a lack of innovative engagement activities, and you think our involvement will benefit your community, please contact us to discuss ideas.

    One of our dreams is to build a studio which would be the heart for positive urban culture, movement and fitness as well as a community platform for everyone to take part and stand strong together.