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    Funk Format


    Street Dance Styles and Hip-Hop Dance
    Click on a title of the class you wish to attend and find out more:

    Private Street Dance Lessons – One To One

    Beginner or experienced, private classes are a quick way to learn Street Dance styles and Breakin’ (Breakdancing) in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. You can particularly select the moves you want to work on and progress at your own pace and privacy.

    Street Dance Lessons for Adults

    Learn a variety of Street Dance, Party dance and Funk styles focusing on grooves and creating your own style.

    Street Dance Lessons for Kids age 8+

    Learn the most iconic and original Hip-Hop Dance – Breakin’, Bboying (Breakdance). Top rock, footwork, floor work, freezes, go downs, drops, power moves, freestyle, history, culture and how to create your individual flavour.

    Street Dance Lessons for Kids age 4-7

    Pupils?are?introduced to the?concept of street dance movement, an awareness of rhythm, coordination, good posture, problem solving through creativity but most importantly have?fun.